PM Lobby Attendant

Reports To: Executive Housekeeper
Purpose of the Position:
Responsible for the cleaning, sanitation and safety of the front lobby area and other areas of the hotel.
1. Know your work schedule and follow it with a high degree of reliability.
2. Work in a cooperative and friendly manner with fellow associates.
3. Maintain professional attire and personal hygiene.
4. Maintain a clean, neat and orderly work area.
5. Perform your job according to standard operating procedures.
6. Read, understand and follow all policies, procedures and practices as stated in the Associate
7. Implement management company and hotel's safety and emergency policies and procedures (i.e.
evacuation, first aid, etc.) to include removing all safety hazards, following company's OSHA
Hazcom program and safe lifting techniques.
8. Utilize protective equipment, when applicable.
9. Promptly report substandard (unsafe) conditions to supervisor.
10. Promptly report accidents, injuries, property damage or loss to supervisor.
11. Keep accurate communication flowing freely among all hotel departments.
12. Inform management promptly of any work-related problems or guest complaints.
13. Practice "aggressive hospitality" and provide guest satisfaction.
14. Promote the hotel through goodwill, courtesy and a positive attitude.
15. Attend all scheduled training classes and meetings.
16. Train and supervise other associates as directed by management.
17. Continue to learn and grow in your position.
18. Perform any reasonable request as assigned or directed by management.
19. Provide for a safe work environment by following all safety and security procedures and rules.
20. Arrange for reasonable accommodations for person(s) with disabilities.
21. Assist person(s) with a disability.
22. Comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and ordinances as they apply to the hotel,
guests and associates.
Essential Job Functions:
1. Ensure that the entire front lobby is clean and presentable for the guest by completing a checklist
of various cleaning jobs.
2. Immediately respond and correct any potential dangerous conditions such as a wet floor due to
guests tracking in rain or snow.
3. Clean pool area and restrooms.
4. Clean all public restrooms and stock all necessary items.
5. Empty the trash from all offices, including the Sales, Executive and Front offices.
6. Make sure the glass on all public doors and windows is clean.
7. Clean, dust, mop, vacuum and polish the lobby area including ashtrays, furniture, house phones,
wall fixtures, plants, public phones, vending machines, glass and windows.
8. Clean any guest rooms as needed (approximately 24 minutes per room or other as specified by
hotel standard).
Marginal Functions:
1. Assist other Housekeeping personnel when needed.
Job Knowledge, Skills and other Responsibilities:
1. Able to communicate accurately and effectively in verbal and written form with guests and
associates so as to respond accurately and completely to people to give directions, instructions,
information, answer questions and provide service as required.
2. Bend, stoop, stretch and reach to dust, vacuum, mop and polish all lobby d cor.
3. Stand and walk for varying lengths of time, often for long periods.
4. Inspect all public areas for cleanliness and potential hazardous conditions.
Job Knowledge, Skills and other Responsibilities:
5. Push heavy carts of approximately one hundred (100) pounds.
6. Lift approximately thirty (30) pounds.

Don't Be Fooled

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